The Queer Italia Network (Queer Italia Rete or QUIR) seeks to create and explore investigations including:

1) Theories and Practices: How have Anglophone queer theories been received in Italy and what queer perspectives and practices have developed in Italian culture? How might transnational dialogues foster larger academic and social investigations and understanding of both the Anglophone and Italian queer contexts?

2) Representation and Reappropriation: How are queer lives, moments and politics represented in Italian media and culture, and how do queer perspectives impact on and provide alternatives to dominant contemporary and historical media forms?

3) Interstitial Spaces/Temporalities: What insights can be gained from queer theoretical and creative explorations of class, sex, gender, race, and migration that focus on intersectionality and inbetweenness?

The Queer Italia Network (QUIR) was convened to achieve the following objectives:

1) To build an international network of scholars, activists and cultural practitioners, who will engage meaningfully with queer sexualities, cultures, scholarship, and politics in Italy, establishing dialogue and collaboration between academics and those working outside academia;

2) To focus on issues of critical theory and practice, with a view to developing innovative theoretical approaches to queer questions. Particular attention will be paid to: the ‘domestication’ and deployment of Anglophone queer theories in the Italian context;

3) To reflect in depth on the key issues of language, interdisciplinarity, representation, performance, politics, identity and migration across various platforms, and to develop collaborative projects around these themes;

4) To support emerging and early-career researchers by building relationships between scholars;

5) To produce academic research and critical insights to be disseminated through academic channels (e.g., peer-reviewed journal articles) and social media, web resources, and live events (performances and exhibitions), with a view to impacting positively on: Italian Studies; queer studies; the socio-cultural well-being of queer individuals and communities; cultural attitudes to queer identities; Italian policies on sexuality.